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  1. AP says:

    Hi Can you pls let me know where has USCIS mentioned that we cannot use the PDF forms uploaded on their website ? Please let me know as I don’t see it anywhere on their website that we cannot use the forms on their website uploaded currently.


    • TEAM_H4EAD says:

      Hi Anjali,

      That is correct, USCIS has nor said to use the current I-765 form neither said to not use it, however based on the new approved drafts of I-765 form on the reginfo site it is interpreted that we may need to use a revised version of the form when published until they inform to use the current version only, also it would be safe not to already fill the forms as they said in Teleconference to wait till May-26th.


  2. pxk0712 says:


    Can you provide a contact number of USCIS that can be used if we have questions?

    My specific question is that I qualify under both criterias (approved I-140 of spouse and approved 6 year extension of spouse AC21) and need advice on if it will be ok to attach support documents for both (140 approval/receipt) and (129 approval/receipt) can that hurt my case or help?

    Usually they say more is better but I do not want to regret adding extra supporting documents.

  3. sam says:


    I need to know preciously what document needed for AC21 eligibility scenario.
    I-140 approved from previous employer, New I-140 is submitted receipt number is handy with me.
    Do i need to submit old I-140 or all I-797 till date and I-94 + passport copy

    • TEAM_H4EAD says:

      Hi Sam,

      I read your case, I were you, I would send my old 140 from previous employer and also send the new I140 from new employer pending response, along with all other standard documents USCIS has requested, I also understand they want to see your I-94 on which you came to country as H4 dependent.


  4. Rajiv Pandey says:

    This link will be very helpful for people to track; Please tweet and post this link if possible

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