Till May-26th-2016 any spouse of H1B VISA comes to USA with H4 VISA with a dream of happy married life, however this dream changes upside down as time passes by and they come to realize and understand the restrictions on a H4 VISA causing them to sit at home act as a house wife where they can work just like anyone else.

In order to bring this major problem in everyone’s view a facebook page was created where several H4 dependents shared their stories and a campaign was started to get this rule change and allow H4 dependents to work.

With the relentless efforts of several people’s blogging twitting and other social media methods govt agencies took the initiative of processing this petition through the standard rule making process that has multiple stages to it and final conclusion came out that from May-26th-2015 USCIS will be accepting the EAD application for H4 dependents with certain eligibility criteria.


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